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Because of the current conditions of the economy, many individuals seeking to file for bankruptcy are simply consumer victims of a system gone awry. With credit card companies increasing fees and penalties, job losses on the rise, downsizes on the horizon, and an inability to keep up with the market, individual consumers, as well as small businesses, have suffered the consequences.At Farmer & Ready, A Law Corporation, we have the skills, experience and dedication necessary to effectively handle your case. Whatever your legal need, we work to stay abreast of trends and apply our skills and experience to protect your rights. If your legal problem is outside our area of practice we will help you find the best lawyer available.

For more information, contact us online or call +1-805-541-1626. Combining personalized service and a dedication to results, you can trust in our ability to effectively handle your case.

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Farmer & Ready provides advocacy focused on your rights and your entitlement to relief. With more than 33 years of experience, we are focused on helping clients through trying times that involve bankruptcy, commercial litigation, real estate litigation and land use issues.

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